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Rhonda Page is a speaker, published author, consultant and coach and she believes that the cornerstone to new business development is knowing your target audience and differentiating. This is especially challenging for creative businesses.

The Birkman personality profile characterized her as having “off the charts” problem solving skills and it’s backed by her clients, who say that she delivers clarity to them quickly.

She started as a graphic designer and evolved to brand strategist and business development professional, bringing hundreds of thousands in new business to the design firms she worked with. She’s worked on the biggest global brands — for companies like Kraft and Coca-Cola and been mentored by the top graphic designers and branding gurus in the world including the renowned April Greiman. She’s lived in New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

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Design firms Rhonda has worked at:

Dossier Creative
Vancouver, 2007–2010
Gottschalk + Ash International
Toronto, 1987–1988 and 2004–2007
Ove Design & Communications
Toronto, 1992–1997
April Greiman Inc.
Los Angeles, 1986


Branding: “Your brand isn’t your logo.”

Toronto Star

by Sharon Aschaiek
The Toronto Star
September 12, 2014

…Large companies spend big bucks on branding, and Page knows that first hand — she used to work for companies such as Kraft, Coca Cola, and Manulife Financial. Now, she brings those multi-million dollar insights to entrepreneurs, whom she says can benefit greatly from better branding.…

Play ‘detective’ with your 2014 planning

Financial Post

by Rick Spence
Financial Post
December 30, 2013

…Rhonda Page is a business consultant who recently took on a new challenge: overhauling a chicken-wholesale business run for the past 50 years by her boyfriend’s parents. So far she has created a new management structure, introduced new financial-reporting systems, and hired a consultant to tighten up operations.…

How do you find out if your "big idea" will measure up as a business? Just ask.

Toronto Star

by Rhonda Page
The Toronto Star
June 4, 2013

…When you draw up a list of questions to ask, focus on what you really want to know. You have the opportunity to capture data such as the split between male and female, age, frequency and size of purchase, as well as less tangible things, such as the challenges customers faced that made them choose you or your product.…

Being Different: Six Steps to Learn from Corporate Branding

Toronto Star

by Rhonda Page
The Toronto Star
December 26, 2012

…Multinationals spend millions every year before they make a move in the marketplace, but better branding really comes down to six simple steps to achieve clarity of vision:…

Build your brand, grow your practice

Canadian Bar Association

by Rhonda Page
The Canadian Bar Association
February 15, 2012

…A strong brand will make you stand out from the crowd. It will help you get and keep clients. It will allow you to charge higher billing rates because in your client’s mind you are the only lawyer who can do what you do in the way that you do it.…