Business Coaching

Choose between one-on-one sessions or group coaching.

One-on-one coaching

Would you like a sounding board outside your company who will help you solve business problems, give you quick clarity, and keep you moving forward? One-on-one coaching is for you if:

  • You want new business development or marketing strategies.
  • You want clarity on your target audience, value proposition or differentiation.
  • You want to explore new revenue streams.
  • You want to take better care of yourself and feel less stressed.
  • You want to set aside the dedicated time weekly to work on growth.

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What’s included in one-on-one coaching:

1-hour coaching session on Zoom Video (weekly or bi-weekly, you decide)

Your new business pipeline set up and tracked

I’ll keep you accountable to your pipeline and help you with next actions and follow-up strategies.

FourSight Thinking Profile

Are you a Clarifier? An Ideator? A Developer? An Implementer? Some combination? Knowing this will help us accomplish a lot more in our coaching.

Unlimited email support

When things come up between sessions, feel free to email me and I’ll get back you as soon as I can and within 24-hours.

15-minute calls for urgent matters

If you need on the spot help with an urgent issue, you can contact me and I will pick up if I’m available and if not, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Proposal or document review

Up to 2 hours a month

Business Accelerator Group Membership

This group gathers online every 2 weeks for 1-hour. It’s a great opportunity to advance your skills, get support and connect with like-minded people.

Private Facebook Group

This is a great resource for those who want to share ideas and ask for feedback from other creative professionals.

Cathy SolaranaSometimes the answer is staring me in the face and I can’t see it and then Rhonda does her magic and there it is.

Wheelhouse Collective — Cathy Solarana
Wheelhouse Collective

Katie OsborneSometimes I’m confused about where I should focus next and Rhonda zones in quickly on where we need to go. Since I’ve been coaching with Rhonda, my business has exploded.

Via Collective — Katie Osborne, Founder
Via Collective

Sherry ChapmanBefore I met Rhonda I was challenged to come up with a plan to position myself to find new clients. I’ve worked to incorporate her philosophy over the past year and recently I was able to let go of a client relationship that was not working well for my business. I now have a plan to get the clients I really want and a renewed sense of confidence. I have one perfect client under my belt and new ideas to get more!

Chapman Creative Group — Sherry Chapman, Creative Director
Chapman Creative Group

Danielle FoxThere is a clear delineation between before working with Rhonda and after. She has facilitated and helped shape our business development efforts from the ground up. After each session, I feel focused, motivated, and confident. She asks the tough questions necessary to define our goals and develop a realistic plan to achieve them.

Silverander Communications — Danielle Fox, Director Projects
Silverander Communications

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Group coaching

How great would it be to get more business, make more money, find more joy in your work and grow your client relationships while connecting with other creative professionals and learning about what’s working for them? Join our group and watch your business transform!

How it works

Sessions are held on Zoom video conference. Each session focuses on a different topic. If you have a burning issue, send me an email the day before and I’ll coach you through it.

Some of our topics:

  • Referral sources you’ve never thought of
  • Prospect meeting success
  • How to reconnect with past clients and get more work
  • What’s stopping you from making more money?
  • How to increase your email open rates
  • Handling meetings more efficiently
  • Proposals process with ease and a higher close rate
  • How to build an email list
  • 10 Blog topics in 10 minutes
  • Marketing with confidence ie. not being scared that they won’t like it.
  • Who’s really your ideal client?

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Katie OsborneI Just wanted to say how grateful I am for the work you do Rhonda and the wisdom you’ve shared with me. Just got back from my first speaking engagement at the American Planning Association national conference and had a blast. I’ve seen nothing but huge success and growth since working with you. Thank you again!!

Via Collective — Katie Osborne, Founder
Via Collective